A Brave Old Investing World

Building permanent wealth has always been a challenge, yet it is an even greater challenge today. Publicly traded markets have been taken over by hedge funds and algorithmic trading.  Traditional fund managers are managing for AUM protection and not performance.  Regulators have put even greater burdens on this market, consolidating the business into the largest firms.


Investors large and small are seeking alternative ways to build and preserve wealth.  Meanwhile investment firms continue to roll out shiny new products, analytics and terminology, yet to no greater lasting investment success.

Like any market, it is up to small, nimble, innovative firms to create truly different approaches and products to solve the current market challenges.  Interestingly, many of these approaches involve strategies that institutional investors have been using for decades. Building on recent successes of introducing these approaches and products to a wider investing public, we believe we have the experience, wisdom, integrity and courage to help investors find what they truly need.


Constantly following the lastest developments in widely held non-traded issues, we recognize that investors in these securities, and their representatives, need the same analysis and insight as investors in publicly-traded securities, even more so.

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From design to development to distribution, we can help your firm create, structure and syndicate innovative investment programs matching the needs and wants of market participants with the latest developments in regulatory and market requirements.

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Advisory / Management

When we see a significant gap in the marketplace, we may from time to time utilize our experience and expertise to advise or subadvise on the investment approach and execution of various investment strategies.

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