Think Different.  Invest Different.

"Think Different" was the first advertising slogan generated by Apple Computer in 1985.  It embodied what Steve Jobs was all about. We believe in a similar ethos.

While others provide traditional investment services and products to the marketplace, we take a truly different approach - an "alternative" approach.  We are always looking down the side roads seeking a new way, a new insight, and new result.  Doing the same thing will give you the same result.  Only by doing something different, going in a new direction, do you get somewhere new.

Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication.

Another ethos we share with Apple Computer, which may have been borrowed by Apple from Da Vinci, is that the true journey begins when you think you have an answer.  When you think you have the answer by solving a problem or gaining a key insight, now the real work starts. Whether it is computer design or investment design, the real work is taking the set of insights and solutions and making them as simple as possible.  You integrate the components and then remove what is not critical to success.  The work is done when there is nothing left to remove.  The eureka moment is when the solution is true, real, robust and simple.


So much of our world today is about blind promotion through pushing a one-sided narrative.  There is always the chance to spin issues or overlook things to make the story sound better and the product compelling.  This is not our culture.  We recognize there are good and bad in everything.  We note the negatives and the positives alike.  If the product is worthy, the positives outweigh the negatives.  Yet both sides are addressed and everyone is free to draw their own conclusions.

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